The Nintendo Switch Cartridge “Controversy”

Cartridge vs. Disc: how much does it REALLY matter in 2016/2017 and how will the Nintendo Switch handle larger games?

With the rumor of Nintendo Switch game cartridges being 16 GB as the ‘standard’, and the inevitable 32 GB and even 64 GB carts, I’ve decided to start tracking games and their download sizes to determine if the game could even be released on the Switch in its current form or if it’ll need some sort of lower quality assets or compression.

Game Console Game Size (GB) Would it fit on 16 or 32 GB?
Titanfall 2 PS4 35 No
World of Final Fantasy PS4 8.8 Yes
Skyrim Remaster PS4 18.1 Yes
Battlefield 1 PS4 42.4 No
Batman: Return to Arkham PS4 44 No
DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS Digital Day One Edition PS4 0.87 Yes
WWE 2K17 PS4 42.7 No
Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration PS4 14.9 Yes
Mafia III PS4 42.9 No
FIFA 17 Standard Edition PS4 32.2 Possibly?
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided PS4 36.4 No
NHL 17 Standard Edition PS4 19.4 Yes
Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 PS4 18.1 Yes
Dead Rising Triple Pack PS4 21 Yes
Grand Theft Auto V PS4 41.8 No

* Note: All download sizes taken from PSN/XBL store.

Current Count as of 10/29/16:
Yes — 7
No — 7
Possibly — 1

I think after the Wii U 3rd party debacle Nintendo would be overjoyed at a 50% rate of AAA games being on the system, especially when some of them are the big sports games that tend to move consoles.

What this list doesn’t address is things like compressed audio and textures which will save a bunch of space at a possible dip in audio and visual fidelity, but the latter is also mitigated by┬áthe Switch having a 720p screen. What the textures will look like when upscaled to 1080p is still a question that will have to be answered.

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